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Library Favs...A History of Favs (Faved on 6/29/11) - Finally going to let the fitness nut in me show. This is an excellent site to keep one of those problem areas in shape.

The 7 Steps of the Research Process (Faved on 6/27/11) - Created by Cornell University, the authors outline seven steps of a simple and effective strategy for finding information for a research paper and documenting the sources you found.

The Powers of 10 (Faved on 6/22/11) - A look at the scale of the most minute and the most massive, from atoms to the known universe, all divided or multiplied by ten.

Hermit Fashionista (Faved on 6/18/11)

Dear Photograph (Faved on 6/17/11) - Fav Among Faves! Its nice to appreciate where we've been and who we've know. This site helps with some past juxtaposed against the present images accompanied by straightforward and poignant captions.

The Nature Photography of Graeme Guy (Faved on 6/14/11) - Beautiful and classic images of nature shot with a digital camera in Singapore, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Africa, and North America.

World's Funniest Joke (Faved on 6/9/11) - well maybe not the funniest but worth a moment.

TED: Ideas worth spreading (Faved on 6/8/11) - Fav Among Faves! Our first Fave Among Faves ever in fact! This site is easy to use, video based, and has some of the most diverse and intellectually stimulating presentations on the web.

Pictures of Crystal River in Columbia (Faved on 6/4/11) (Faved on 5/31/11) - A social networking site committed to sharing books. It's a place where books get new life. BookCrossing gives a book a unique ID, and tracks it as the book is passed from reader to reader, thus connecting its readers. There are currently 934,216 BookCrossers and 8,020,969 books traveling throughout 132 countries.

Envisioning Technology (Faved on 5/27/11) - Michell Zappa proposes his timeline of technological evolution for the next 20 or so years.

Trance Music on a Guitar (Faved on 5/23/11)

Ollie the Socially Awkward Blimp (Faved on 5/19/11) - this DIY autonomous robotic blimp floats on Helium; has flapping wings made of wire, mylar, and servos; and reacts to his surroundings--often awkwardly.

106 of the most beloved street art photos of 2010 (Faved on 5/11/11)

Einstein for Everyone (Faved on 5/7/11) - John D. Norton of the University of Pittsburgh provides a free online introduction to Einstein's greatest work.

Pangloss Wisdom (Faved on 5/2/11) - A random generator of historical and philosophical quotes from great thinkers.

An Incredible Kinetic Sculpture of San Francisco (Faved on 4/29/11) - Thirty five years ago artist Scott Weaver began work on Rolling through the Bay. The elaborate toothpick sculpture is comprised of multiple “tours” that move ping pong balls through neighborhoods, historical locations, and iconic symbols of San Francisco.

Celestial Rainbow (Faved on 4/22/11)

Matt W. Moore (Faved on 4/06/11) - The primary artist behind MWM Graphics, Matt Moore is a master of the spray paint and digital graphic mediums.

Brave New World (Faved on 3/25/11) - Among the greatest books ever written, and perhaps the most revolutionary science fiction work of all time, is now available online completely free. Huxley would be proud.

Good Reads Popular Quotes Page (Faved on 3/22/11) - A collection of wonderful quotes that is excellently organized and navigates easily.

Ancient Architecture and Equinoxes (Faved on 3/21/11) - Details how several structures in the world have a unique way of welcoming in the seasons.

An Artful addition to end Spring Break 2011 (Faved on 3/18/11). (Faved on 3/16/11) - Another collection of free books online.

The Top Ten Unsolved Mysteries of Physics (Faved on 3/8/11) - An amazing look at some of the most confusing issues within the world of physics. (Faved on 2/25/11) - A picture blog of pets looking their best.

Orrery_2006 (Faved on 2/24/11) - This is an animation of our Solar System that is fun to play with. When you get bored, start clicking around the page and discover some fun site features.

Proof of Spidermen!?!? (Faved on 2-14-11) - Viennese/Croatian artist spin Spidey worthy web in an abandoned stock exchange building in Vienna. (Faved on 2-14-11) - If I had my way the whole world would be this easy to use.

A Wintery Weather Distraction (Faved on 2-4-11)

The Periodic Table of (HTML) Elements (Faved on 2-1-11) - A web design tool for HTML enthusiast.

Spezify (Faved on 1-27-11) - A search engine which displays images and web chatter (Facebook post, tweets, ect.) as its primary results. An excellent tool to examine your digital footprint!

The Library of Congress Hawk (Faved on 1-26-11) - News story of an adventuresome library friend.

FeedBooks (Faved on 1-24-11) - A collection of books which are in the public domain and therefore may be read and downloaded for free.

ANTILIMIT | Anything Worth Seeing (Faved on 1-19-11) - A collection of photography depicting animals, humans, landscapes, and nightscapes.

Lifesaver Bottle (Faved on 1-18-11) - A recent water filtration invention that could save millions of lives each year.

Hubble Heritage (Faved on 1-11-11) - A collection of some of the most amazing, beautiful and important images captured by the Hubble telescope.